Each time we come to our mats, we become a little more of who we're meant to be.



You can do yoga. Every person, everyBODY can. 

​Opening your heart to the love yoga provides, of yourself and to others, will change your life.

Gathering together in a community will allow you to find connections and realize a founding principle of yoga- that we are all one.  

​Accepting where you are on your path while working to where you want to be will bring you a sense of peace.

  • All Levels Welcome

    Tue, Thu, Sun


"Owning our stories and loving ourselves through the process is the bravest thing we'll ever do."

- Brene Brown


"Whatever you aren't changing, you're choosing."

- Laurie Buchanan

"How liberating it is to pursue wholeness over perfection."

- Morgan Harper Nichols

Photography by Alaina Muckell and Kate Meredith

Boston, MA, USA

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