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Christina McKitish the founder of Journey Forward Yoga on a beach in Extended Side Angle pose. She gazes up to the blue sky. Part of her arrow tattoo that says brave is visible in the picture. This tattoo was the inspiration for the Journey Forward Yoga logo.

Yoga is a lighthouse. The light of yoga drew me through the darkness and home to myself. Once I felt the wonders of yoga, it was impossible for me to keep it to myself. I had to teach others. 

Around my two year anniversary of yoga teaching, the pandemic forced us into our homes. I began offering virtual yoga classes. In taking those classes, we showed up for ourselves, and each other. In that dark time, we used yoga as our beacon. We welcomed each other into our homes, virtually. We met each other's families and pets. We laughed, we cried.


As time went on, we added teachers and members. And here we are a year and a half later. We've built so much together; we've learned so much (and it's never too late to join us).

The name Journey Forward Yoga centers around my tattoo, which says "Brave" with an arrow. It reminds me to continue moving forward, bravely. This is what we do together. On the mat, we bravely rise to the challenge of the poses. Off the mat, we find the same strength to handle the challenges of being human.


The journey of our lives is never in a straight line, but it's always forward. Each time we experience something, we learn; we grow. That's what we do together at Journey Forward Yoga. We find strength in mind and body from wherever we are: physically and mentally.

We hope you'll join us in this journey. 




Christina's passion is teaching, whether it's in her middle school classroom or her yoga classes. Originally from New Jersey, she moved to Boston after college. Most of her life she was a runner, finding peace in long miles and open roads. She now finds that peace through yoga. She has been practicing yoga for seven years, and teaching for five. If she could describe herself in three words she'd use: welcoming, driven, and empathetic. 

Prior to teaching yoga, Sarita was a pre-professional ballerina. She uses her ballet and Pilates background in her yoga classes. She grew up in Connecticut, moving to Boston to attend college. Sarita has been practicing yoga since high school and began teaching four years ago. If she could describe herself in three words she'd use: imaginative, motivated, and calm. 

Ashley had always dreamed of being a yoga teacher. During the pandemic she achieved that goal, training virtually with a studio in the Midwest, where she is originally from. In addition to practicing yoga for the past five years, Ashley enjoys strength training and mobility work. If she could describe herself in three words she'd use: empathetic, passionate, and loyal. 

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