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breathe love into it, then start again

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Let's stop making fun of 2020. Let's bring our love to it, just like we'd do with anything negative in our brains. Just like the thoughts we chase away during yoga class. Let's breathe into it, and start again in 2021.

Even then, let's not put too much pressure on 2021. I like to see the New Year not as this big huge thing with a new shiny goal, and more as just another day journeying toward my best self. Each day, let's give ourselves grace and love. Let's remember that it's in our small day-to-day habits that change us. That's those slow moments in Half Pigeon where a teeny little wish comes about. Our times choosing a new thought in a difficult pose. The ebb and flow of our Vinyasa. We take those wishes and thoughts from our mats into our lives, and that's where the change happens - it's in the showing up; it's in the lesson of each day.

Something I'm going to do before January is list what I've lost and what I've gained this past year. This will allow me to acknowledge what is gone and appreciate what I have in one fell swoop. As I think about what I would write, I'm reminded of my blog post several months ago about how it was hard to find stability in the current reality. Thinking about it now, I am finding that I am becoming more adaptive to those ever-evolving changes. It's keeping me on my feet, knowing that one day will not be the same as the next. My wish for everyone is that we have found that stability in the instability. That we find - whatever life throws at us, we take a breath, and rise again. That over and over we go down and get right back up.

Sending you love and peace in these last weeks of the year. The community at Journey Forward is part of what I've gained, and I look forward to all that is ahead of us, together.

With Love,


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