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Finding the Sweetness

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Think of the happiest day of your life. What was happening? What did it feel like?

I'm willing to bet that in that moment, things felt like they were flowing perfectly together. You felt a genuine connection to someone else, along with a deep feeling of purpose and excitement.

Ah, the s w e e t n e s s of that moment!

Sweetness in Sanskrit is translated as Svadhisthana, which is also the Sanskrit word for "Sacral Chakra."

The feeling of things flowing perfectly together, that's the Sacral connection with the element of water. Last month with the Root Chakra we were focusing on the earth. Now we focus on fluidity; moving from one task to the next with grace and love. These fluid movements allow for creativity in our lives. Our passion pours out of us with this chakra, and channels itself into beautiful creations and balanced relationships.

This chakra is located below the navel, in the sacrum area of your spine. It is associated with the reproductive organs, and is thus related to our sexuality. This chakra develops between the ages of 7 - 14, which makes sense because this is when humans experience puberty.

The color associated with the Sacral Chakra is orange. To connect with this chakra, close your eyes and imagine a spinning orange disc in the lower part of your spine.

Doesn't a balanced Sacral Chakra sound so dreamy?

So why do so many of us have difficulty achieving this dreamy, sweet balance?

Remember that our chakras are like a hard drive, storing all our life experiences when it comes to their domain. Think back on your life in relation to the Sacral Chakra. Have you had an unhealthy relationship with someone before? Have you gone overboard into the realm of an addiction (enjoying a pleasure too much)? Have you struggled to express yourself in an intimate relationship? Have you ever felt totally stuck in the mud while trying to make a decision?

We can likely say "yes" to one of those.

One difficulty with this chakra is that it has to do with relationships with others. While the Root Chakra does touch on the connection with a group, it's not one-on-one time. In the one-on-one time of the Sacral Chakra, we have to come to an understanding of how both people's needs will be met. When we lack the confidence, communication, or some other thing, we can't properly feel balanced. The other chakras are really more individual based, but this one is a direct relationship with someone else. Inviting someone else into your space is hard, and we may have old wounds that are sticking around that stop us. This chakra requires alot of trust, and trusting someone with these things is not easy.

We can also begin to see how the chakras build on each other. The Root is your stability. If you don't feel stable, you won't be able to feel the creativity of the Sacral Chakra. When I first learned about the chakras, I was like - oh great ALL of them are off, how am I going to fix anything? (anyone else??) The answer to that goes back to our Habits Workshop. Focus on tiny changes when and where you can. Small changes eventually become big changes. And remember, awareness is the first step. Just becoming aware of yourself in certain areas is a feat in itself.

If you're looking for some help with this, we got you!!! We'll work into the Sacral Chakra this month at Journey Forward! We'll have opportunities to flow, journal, and meditate it all out.

Looking forward to finding the s w e e t n e s s of life with you.



Founder - JFY

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