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How I Built my Business From Scratch

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

I started by offering free virtual classes during Quarantine. Now I have a team of six teachers with classes six days a week. I am a classroom teacher, with no business background. Just a girl and a dream, ya know? How did I make it happen, and how could you? Read on...

Start with YOU

Before we can grow something that is strong and successful, we have to come to general peace within ourselves. I worked hard to tackle my negative self-talk. I slugged through some really tough stuff in my life with the help of yoga, therapy, and loved ones. I learned that what I need is within me, not from the approval of others. I practice Aparigraha a lot, “non-attachment” (next month’s theme!) Whatever happens in my business, I will NOT attach it to my worth. My worth is ALWAYS there, whether people like my yoga classes or not. If my business fails, am I a failure? Absolutely not. SAY IT WITH ME, I WILL NOT ATTACH THE SUCCESS OF MY BUSINESS TO MY WORTH. If you’re not sure you can do that yet, keep working on this step. Time will bring change.


What do you love doing? What are you really good at? Answer these questions for yourself. Use others as inspiration, but don’t try to do what someone else is doing because you think it’s cool. Do what CALLS to you. Spend your time building your WHY, and make sure it is YOURS.


Set it in your mind. Anyone can start a business. Say it again, ANYONE CAN START A BUSINESS. That’s all.


Read books, listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos about being an entrepreneur and your chosen “niche” (your specific field & speciality). I listened in the car, while I was doing dishes and when I went out for walks. I could do a whole blog post about this, and maybe I will! Here are some of the people I learned from:

Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: for diving into your creativity.

Jim Collins, Good to Great: studying why businesses are successful.

Sunny Lenarduzzi, YouTube Channel: mindset and building a business from scratch.

Vanessa Lau, YouTube Channel: business and social media strategies.

Hard Work

There is no replacement for hard work. Ever. Set aside time for the building of your business. Work, work, work.


Show up. Do what you say you will. Just keep coming to the table, giving all you can. Even when it’s exhausting. People need to know that you are committed to this. YOU need to know that you are committed to this.


The true magic is in not giving up. There were times when I only had one person flowing. It didn’t matter. That one person needed yoga, that one person was a client with an expectation that Journey Forward could deliver. Keep delivering.


Have patience, while also listening to feedback. If you are showing up for a month and only getting one person, what can you do differently? Ask people. Be receptive to their feedback, and LEARN FROM IT. Don’t be afraid of what they’re going to say. Remember, your worth is not attached to the success of your business!! One of the greatest things that came out of receptivity for me was growing the JFY team. I had Mary sub for me while I was away on vacation, and after getting so many positive responses about having a fresh face, I asked her and Stef to join me.

Take Chances

Was it a risk to ask Mary and Stef? YES. I was SO scared. Even knowing that my business is not tied to my worth (just keep saying it), I was scared because it MEANT SOMETHING. When things get scary, that’s when you know you’ve hit something good and important. I just told myself, the worst that can happen is they say no (they said yes and I’m so happy).


Once you hit a certain stride, you feel good. But you must never settle. Keep following the feedback, keep showing up. Refuse to accept less, while also checking in on yourself. How are you doing? Your business will only be as healthy as you are.


As my man Socrates believed, you know what is right in your heart. Follow that. It will not lead you astray.


I wish you strength as you follow your passions; as you become who you are meant to be in this life.

With Love,


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