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But, Wait, is There Really Enough to go Around?

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

As I work with Asteya this month I've been running into some problems. The idea of "enough" that this Yama teaches us is a little tricky. We're advised not to steal from others because there's "enough." Alot of times though, there is only one, or just a few, of something. There's one job we really want, one person we really love, one dream award, one mozzarella stick left, etc. How can we say that there is enough for everyone when we know this? Going a step further, there are people in the world whose basic needs are not met - like access to water or healthcare. How can we say there is enough to go around when we know this?

As I sat with this, I felt really affected. The idea of being ok with not getting that one thing that you really want, is very difficult. Last night I was laying in bed thinking about this for something specific in my life, and I couldn't get my mind to get off the topic. I was trying to coax myself - "what can I say, what can I say", I thought to myself. And that's when a statement I had written in my journal earlier came to mind:

"What is meant for me will not miss me."

To me, this was a way of saying - "Ok, I may not get this thing. But, I will get what is right for me."I kept repeating it to myself every time my mind would wander to sadness. And it worked! It grounded me into my faith. With the faith that I will get exactly what I need, I can want more for others. I can believe that life is unfolding exactly as it should.

This is what our yoga practice does for us. It provides us with these opportunities to feel connected in life. Connected to ourselves, others, and a larger purpose. It gives us space away from the hustle of daily life to say - "ok, what's really going on here? Let's break it down."

When I think about it on the larger public health scale, I think that this is where we can give and educate. We can give our time or money to support others. We can empower others to stand up for what's right (against people taking too much & away from others).

I hope this helps you in thinking about that tough side of Asetya. What thoughts have you had about Asteya? Comment below or share via Instagram, in class, etc. Thank you for being on this journey with us.

See you on your mat,


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