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State of the (JFY) Union

Where is this all going? That is what I took this year off from my full time job to understand.

Things have become clearer over the course of the year. Things are super clear now. I'm here to share that with you. This is my own version of the President's State of the Union address, which is given every year to report on the health & future of the nation.


The Future of Virtual Yoga

Journey Forward was born during the pandemic. In the two years that followed, we were forced to get used to virtual options for just about everything. It's been exhausting trying to keep up with the pandemic- one minute we think we're out and then we get pulled back in. What has remained a constant is all of us. Showing up. Doing the work that we could.

The bright side is what has opened up to us. We are now willing & able to connect with people from all over, from anywhere we are. We are able to workout on our own terms, cameras on or off.

We are able to spend time with our pets in the comfort of our own home. We are able to see that our wellness is not about any physical location. We can find home anywhere. We can find happiness anywhere.

I know it's not for everyone, & that is absolutely fine! But I have come to adore it.

It has helped me to keep the spaces in my home cleaner. The live aspect of the workout holds me accountable.

What does the future of yoga look like? I have no idea! I have given up trying to guess. As long as what we're doing is working, I don't need to worry.



This year has been such a big learning experience! Trying, learning, failing, growing, going, going, going. I have spent the year learning about yoga & business to bring you the best possible experience.

Attaining my 500 hour certification was a big dream of mine that is now complete.

Understanding the full picture of being an entrepreneur has been SO intense & exhilarating.

One of my entrepreneur heroes, Sunny Lenarduzzi, said it best: "Entrepreneurship is like jumping off a cliff & hoping you grow wings."

TRULY. Continuing to work when you aren't sure you'll succeed is HARD. There is a big hurdle to jump with mindset, especially in finding the confidence to really do it right. Another hurdle is actually figuring out what I personally wanted to do & how that fits with what people need.

That's where my team comes in! Sarita, Ashley, & Kelly are amazing. They help me see a bigger picture. They ground me when my mind is in a spiral. We meet monthly to talk abut the upcoming mind focus & brainstorm ideas for the business. We also have a shared calendar for organizing classes & social media posts.

And what about you? I'm literally so proud of all of you.

There's always this point during class where I get this overwhelming feeling of pride for you. You're SHOWING UP for yourself & you're showing up for US. What a THING :) :) :)

Even if you just come here to read the blogs. Have you thought about something differently because of what you read? Did you know that means you're doing yoga? You yogi, you!!!!



I will be returning to classroom teaching in the fall. With all the work done this year to implement a structured system, this will not affect the way Journey Forward is operated. As long as you continue to show up, we will continue to be here for you.

If things become unmanageable, I plan to hire a manager to help. If anything changes in my plans with anything, you will be the first to know. It goes without saying that I take this incredibly seriously. I am forever grateful & mindful that you are investing in Journey Forward.


Vision For the Future

With my return to classroom teaching, I will be narrowing down where I spend my energy. Here is my vision, which has slowly unraveled over the course of my months off:

JFY is a month-long experience of wellness. We offer yoga classes, a workshop, & blogs/videos throughout the month. Each month is a different focus on our growth. Each month follows the phases of the moon (setting intentions, taking action toward intentions, celebrating successes). We place an emphasis on community, encouraging others to get to know each other in class & to connect out of class.

How does that sound to you? I'd love to hear! Any requests for other things that you like? Email me!


I'm so proud of all of us for bringing this vision forward this year! I couldn't have come to this without YOU. Your presence, your ideas, your support. THANK YOU.

Cheers to ALL that is ahead of us!

With Love,


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