Your True Self

Updated: Feb 19

Our Mind Focus for January is to set our own intention, or Sankalpa.

San: highest truth

Kalpa: commitment, promise

If you've been following along with us, you know we've been working with intentions for quite some time now. If not, check out this blog post which gives you the basic idea of intentions in a yoga class.

Sankalpa is is a word very integral to Yoga Nidra classes. Yoga Nidra is a type of yoga that is done laying down. The goal is to bring you into a "dynamic sleep" state - sleeping but with a sense of consciousness. At the start of the class you choose a sankalpa that carries you through the end. The idea being that in your deepest moments of relaxation you manifest the intention and move closer to your truth.

Sankalpas are not to be taken lightly. We choose our sankalpas with a deep heart-felt desire to MOVE toward our purpose. To REALIZE our wholeness as human beings. Wow. That's heavy, right? Let's break it down...


Our Wholeness

We enter the creation of our sankalpa with the belief that whatever our intention is, it is not something that we get outside of ourselves. It is something already within us.

This one is really difficult for me, and I suspect for others as well. Almost everything about our society leads us to believe we need something else to complete us. We've been taught about media-messaging since middle school, but we're not taught how to really feel whole on our own.

Realizing my wholeness will be a life-long journey for me. I take the idea of my wholeness as truth and am patient with myself as I uncover it within my own heart. This is step 1, but in no means does it need to be "completed" before you can move on to the other steps.