Let Go & Give It Away

Updated: Feb 19

We all know the scene from the movie. A character drops to their knees, looks skyward and screams "HELP". In the yogi world, that moment is called Ishvara Pranidhana.

Ishvara: a higher power, the divine

Pranidhana: surrender

*Ishvara Pranidhana: surrender to the divine.*

This topic is a little tricky to cover. We all have our own belief systems ingrained within us, so any talk of higher powers can get touchy. Higher powers are usually associated with religion, faith, doctrines, etc. All words that have caused fighting among groups of people since the dawn of time. But bear with me - I think you'll find Isvara Pranidhana helpful no matter your background.


Revisiting This: Is Yoga a Religion?

I think the first question we need to re-visit - is yoga a religion? My short answer is: not unless you want it to be. Here in the West, people typically do not make the leap to making yoga a part of their religion. With the roots of yoga in Hinduism and Buddhism, it's more common to see that happen in the East. No matter what, we should hold respect for yoga, knowing that it is a part of many people's religion.

But it's not a religion on its own, and that may be comforting to you, especially if you already have your own! For more about this, read my blog on Respecting the Roots of Yoga.



Ishvara: a higher power, the divine

When you think of the term higher power, what comes to mind? There's no right answer, nor does it have to be one concrete answer. Think of Ishvara as whatever is beyond your control.