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It's Time to Transform

Everything about Journey Forward fills me with emotion. I still can’t believe it’s all happening.

There are moments before I’m about to start a class. No one is on the zoom yet and it’s just me. I look at myself and the background. I think of how I’ve changed during this time. The different places I’ve flowed from; the different periods of my life.

Teaching yoga is like sharing a secret part of your diary. It’s so damn personal. Teaching from my home allowed it to be even more so. It allowed me to take yoga in with fresh eyes. No longer a part of any institution, I was free to find out anything and everything on my own.

As I researched, listened, and watched alongside fellow yogis in their books and videos, I found a new way that I wanted to approach my yoga classes. That new way was so much less about what your yoga looked like and everything about how your yoga felt. It was all about the connection to the ancient practice of which I am so humbled to have the opportunity to teach you.

I invited you into my journey. One that was not planned, one that was not thought out. One I was not sure where it was going. And you stayed. You stayed. It meant so much that you saw me for who I was and what I offered and you stayed.

I have been bullish about making Journey Forward work. I’m positive that there are people out there who thought I couldn’t do it. I had to break through ideas that told me I wasn’t good enough. I had to fight down thoughts of what “the haters” were saying - the worst hater of all being my own mind.

But I just kept telling myself - keep going, keep adjusting, keep sharing. SHOW UP. Do it from your heart. Focus fully on the student; on being prepared to offer the best yoga classes. No matter how many people show up - be fully there.

I did all of it with my bare hands, no money, no business background, and a lot of tenacity. I did it with all the love that’s humanly possible, and you gave the same back.

Now it’s time to change. It’s time for Journey Forward to transform.

The transformation is away from live virtual classes and into on-demand video classes. These videos will be sold in bundles of 5 classes, organized around a theme with materials to help you schedule your classes according to your goals. Our team is currently working on all of this, and it will be released on January 1, 2024! Stay tuned for pre-sale information around Thanksgiving:)

In light of this transformation, there will be a pause on live virtual classes after the Sunday, December 3rd class. This will give us time to prepare the recorded videos as well as reassess the live virtual approach. Please use your class packs before that time! If you run out of classes on your pack and still want to take class, use the “drop in” option.

Looking FORWARD to where we go from here.

With Love,


p.s. Here is my very first pre-class computer picture from my Boston apartment back in 2020.

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