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Start by Starting

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

There have been a few things in my life that have been sitting in a waiting queue for a very long time. I keep trying to do things around it, but I keep running into them like a brick wall. 

When I look at these “things” with a clear mind, I see that alot of times I accept things that are less than what I know is right for me. 

In a recent fury of events, I decided I could no longer be where I was. I could no longer sit in indecision. But with so much happening, I feel totally unbalanced. I am working on giving myself grace. But also trying a little tough love, like - ok enough: step forward. 

I’m trying to see it all as a series of small steps. Each time I step forward, I break a little, but also celebrate a little. Then I focus on the next small thing. I have taken so many of these steps before, but the difference now is the persistence. To not be where I am anymore; to move forward. 

We must start by starting.

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